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BRAT is under constant development and we are eager to resolve all known issues. However, please search existing posts first and our help pages before posting an issue.

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You can explore or search other user questions here.

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Before logging a suspected bug, please search known open bugs. If you have more information to report about this bug, please post a comment to the appropriate issue. Otherwise, you can post a new bug, using the ‘Bug’ label.


Posting an Issue

If you find a bug, or simply want to report an issue with the software, please log a GitHub Issue. Github Issues

Anyone in the BRAT community and a member of GitHub can respond, and the development team will recieve a notification. Please be patient for a response. We do not have any budget for supporting users, but we do try and respond to issues when we can.

This video shows you how to post an issue (for GCD, but process is similar) and some helpful things to include:

Please always include following information:

The Problem

What went wrong?

Reproduction steps

  1. I did this
  2. Then I did that… Include screenshots if you have them (you can drag and drop these in)

Error messages (if applicable)

Paste the exception message you are getting from the app here. It really helps us. 


You can provide links to datasets.>

BRAT & ARC Version Info

  • Version of BRAT you were using (e.g. BRAT 3.0.19)
  • Version of ArcGIS (e.g. ArcGIS 10.5.1)

The issue posting in GitHub uses markdown syntax.

Optional Information:

  • If you do not want to provide a link to the complete copy of the BRAT project, just sharing a copy of the * project file and changing the file extension to text and uploading it to your post can help a lot
  • Record a video of what is going wrong (we recommend FastStone Capture, post it to YouTube or Vimeo, and share the link (DO NOT SEND VIDEOS as attachments! just stream it). Videos can be really helpful for understanding what you are doing and what is going wrong.

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