Issuing a New Release

When to issue a release

Any time we have made sufficent changes to the code that they require testing or re-running models, we should package them up into a zip file and issue a Github Relase

How to tag

We should tag every release. By default, if you don’t check the ‘pre release’ check box, GitHub flags the release as latest. Instead, please flag every Pre Release as such that we do internally. If we do testing or bug fixes on releases to the point we’re happy with them, that’s fine we can release a (e.g. 3.1.x) as Latest. But on all these releases that we are making for our own purposes, just flag them as Pre Release as to not give any of the users out there the wrong idea that they are supported.

Reserve the Latest Release (currently BRAT 3.0.1) for the latest stable, tested and documented release. If it is not stable, tested or documented, leave it as BETA in a Pre Release.

Numbering Versions

Please always issue a release number of format X.Y.ZZ where:

  • X is the major version number (currently we’re t 3) and represent major platform shifts or complete refactoring of the code.
  • Y is the major development version (currently 3.1) where a major family of development enhancements or bug fixes are taking place
  • ZZ is the two digit (e.g. 01) version number for the current release (increment each release by one)

Reference Isssues

See related discussion here in issue #223.

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