Old Versions

BRAT 3.X and later marked the move from Matlab dependices into an ArcPy Toolbox.

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BRAT 2.x: 2015

This was the last (planned) release of the Matlab version of BRAT (v. 2.03), which was published on July 30, 2015 on the old BitBucket Repo. For folks that like Matlab, this version is fully functionally, but we are no longer supporting.

   matBRAT 2.03

BRAT 1.x: 2013 - 2014

With the completion of the Utah statewide run of BRAT (June 2014), matBRAT became fully operational as a beaver decision support and planning tool.

matBRAT Source Code

The Matlab versions of BRAT source code are available from the matBRAT repo on GitHub. The matBRAT code is a legacy version of BRAT, which is no longer maintained. For the most current BRAT models use the pyBRAT code.

   matBRAT Source Code on GitHub