BRAT Tutorials

Step-by-step tutorials of running pyBRAT from start to finish are provided to help BRAT users run the BRAT tool successfully. Steps include:

1. Collecting input data

2. Preprocessing data

3. Project Builder tool

4. BRAT Table tool

4.1 Drainage Area Check tool

4.2 BRAT Braid Handler tool

5. iHyd Attributes tool

6. Vegetation Dam Capacity Model tool

7. Combined Dam Capacity Model tool

8. Conservation Restoration tool (optional)

9. Data Capture/Validation tool (optional)

10. Summary Products tool (optional)

11. Layer Package Generator tool (optional)

12. Beaver Dam Water Storage tool (optional)

If you need help in installing pyBRAT, see:

Computer Setup & Installation

If you are looking for more information on BRAT outputs, see:

BRAT Outputs

If you are interested in running the older Matlab version of BRAT you can find the matBRAT documentation here.


Running BRAT requires a good working knowledge of geoprocessing in ArcGIS. See here for system prerequistes.

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