Financial Support

We have been fortunate to secure financial support for BRAT from a variety of state and federal agencies, tribes, and non-profit organization that have enabled BRAT development. Most of these grants were primarily to get BRAT ‘run’ for their specific areas of interest. However, in each case there have been refinements and improvements to the model to meet the sponsor’s specific needs. We have insisted on making data from BRAT runs vetted publicly available, and to transparently make the models freely available as well as the source code open source (especially when funds are from public sources).

Specific BRAT Grants

Sponsor   Geography Year(s) Status
US Forest Service USFSTransparentBG Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem (Idaho, Wyoming & Montana) 2018-2019 In progress
Idaho Department of Fish & Game Logo_IdahoFG State of Idaho 2018-2019 Complete
The Nature Conservancy nature_conservacy_logo Sierra Nevada, Northern Coast Range, Desert Terminal Lakes Watersheds (California & Nevada) 2018-2019 Complete
North Fork Johnd Day Watershed Council NFJDWC-LOGO-2011 John Day Watershed (Oregon) 2018-2019 Complete
Powder River Watershed Council PowderBasinWatershedCouncil Burnt River Watershed (Oregon) 2018-2019 Complete
Yakama Nations Fisheries YakamaNationFisheries Yakima and Klikitat Watersheds (Washington) 2017-2018 Complete
Wyoming Game and Fish Department wyominggfd Upper Green River Watershed 2016-2017 Complete
Utah Division of Wildlife Resources UDWR State of Utah 2014-2015 Complete
Grand Canyon Trust GCT Escalante River Watershed 2011-2012 Complete

Updated: July 2019

Original Development


BRAT development and implementation for the entire state of Utah was funded by the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (USU Award No. 130940). We are grateful to John Shivik (former UDWR Fur Bearer Coordinator) and Kent Sorenson for investing in this effort.

BRAT Pilot


Initial development of BRAT was funded through a pilot project granted to Utah State University (USU Award Control No. 120353) from the Grand Canyon Trust based on a grant from the Walton Family Foundation. We are grateful to Mary O’Brien for having the foresite to see what BRAT could be and invest in this intial effort.


Interested in Supporting Continued BRAT Development?

If you’d like to help improve BRAT and help better manage beavers, contact Joe Wheaton.

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