BRAT Workshops

We teach BRAT workshops on occasion and those materials are available for reference. There are no specific courses taught publicly on BRAT, but Joe Wheaton does cover BRAT in courses at Utah State University:

  • Design Capstone in Management and Restoration of Aquatic Ecosystems (WATS 5340)
  • Partnering with Beaver in Restoration Design (WATS 6860)

We have taught a variety of BRAT workshops for specific projects. We have not tended to teach any publicly offered BRAT workshops as the ‘user-community’ of folks actually running the models has remained pretty small. Instead, the ‘end-users’ tend to be stakeholders, practitioners and policy-makers interested in using BRAT to scope, plan and prioritize for using beaver as a restoration and conservation tool in their watersheds. We find that BRAT is a more effective tool when these end-users are brought to the table, they gain a working understanding of what’s behind BRAT, and their inputs, concerns, values and management priorities are used to update the maps that make up BRAT. This is critical not just for understanding, but for local ownership.


Participants of John Day BRAT Workshop doing a field excercise to assess capacity.

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